Thursday, June 28, 2007

Carl Lonnberg, Beth Kirby Scoff at Greene All Wooden Club Dress Code--Some sponsors withdraw

"You can dress 'em up, but you can't take 'em out."

Badboy of tennis Carl Lonnberg and fan favorite Beth Kirby ignored the Greene All Wooden all white dress code last weekend in the Nathanael Greene Wooden Classic. "I am pretty sure that was a duck on her dress," Lauren Shapiro said after her and Kirby's match, "either way it was unnecessary." Lonnberg, who donned a Maryland basketball jersey, and Kirby who wore a brown skirt with a duck grazing on the front both were seen as distractions to an otherwise smooth tennis tournament. "I am still seeing red,"Lonnberg's semifinals opponent Anita Sharma said today.

In a turn for the worst, sponsors GQ and Jane magazine, under the auspices of Conde Nast Publications, withdrew sponsorship for the '08 Wooden Classic. In a press conference Monday Conde Nast President Sarah Chubb said, "We at Conde Nast do not condone the fashion choices of Carl Lonnberg or Beth Kirby, we cannot continue to sponsor such dress. I mean, was that a duck?"Despite Lonnberg's attire he managed to finish second to media-friendly trash talker Glenn Davis, a feat that assistant tournament director Max Bergmann attributed more to "poor decision-making by both the bracket committee and Lonnberg's opponents."Tournament director Sam Kirby released a statement yesterday assuring tennis purists that the two would be fined for their actions. "As of now" Kirby stated,"let's just be thankful no one was physically hurt."

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